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With the Idea Development and Product Development module, you now have the Big Picture of your Idea/ Company and also the Prototype of your product in hand. Now, it’s time to prepare a concrete business plan to present your startup story to your future investors, employees and everyone who matters to your business.

Think of your business plan as your North Star. A structured vision document that makes you more manageable, guides you with the nuances that will help you connect the dots and keep you aligned with your big goal while allowing you to measure your progress against the planned expectations.

In this Business Planning module, you will be able to plot, shape and structure your vision into a rock-solid business plan.

This module contains extensive guidelines, structures and templates for working through your marketing, sales, operational and financial components of your business. The idea is to make you think through your business necessities, challenge your assumptions and enable you to get the first copy of a formal business plan to present it to your investors.

Start with all the necessary information along with present actionable steps, measuring and milestones. Check your progress regularly

Financial Plan

Though most of the entrepreneurs hate to make a business plan, in my view, it’s pretty vital document for a business owner to prepare the business plan so that everyone has one view about the business. Also, financial numbers are the direct indicator of...

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Management and Organization

The investors of your Business Plan want to find out who is the driving force behind the new company. They want to be able to assess whether the people in charge have the right characteristics for managing the new company. A careful team planning requires...

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Operational Plan

Now you have comprehensive ideas about products and services, value proposition, target customers, marketing, and sales plan. The next step for you is to define your operations plan that will help you deliver your plan to the customer. Your operations plan...

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Sales Plan

For exploiting the opportunity you have to understand your potential. Therefore once the market has been researched and analyzed, it is very essential to have the sales or revenue model to chart the potential for the product, as well as the business, over...

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Marketing Plan

As a new company you have to make yourself and your products or services known on the market. Now it’s time to think about your marketing plan. Developing a relationship with your customer is one of the most important parts for every business owner. A...

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Products and Services

In this section you have to clearly describe the products and services your business will provide. Explain the characteristics and / or functions of the product or the individual components of your service. Particularly in the case of technical products or...

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Company Description

The Company Description section of your business plan typically outlines vital details about your company, such as where you are located, how large the company is, what you do and what you hope to accomplish. It describes the vision and direction of the...

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Executive Summary

The Executive Summary contains a short outline of all the important aspects of the Business Plan Investors in particular read executive summaries before looking at the rest of a plan in order to determine whether they are interested in this business and...

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