My idea for Zero to Crore Webinar was to share the practical bits of advice, ideas, and tools with the people who’d the dream to start their own business to leverage their geniuses but refrain doing it due to the fears, dilemmas and their inability to organize the resources that will help them get started.

All the resources, strategies, tactics and hacks shared during the webinar are based on the learnings from the successful companies, knowledge shared by successful founders, and my own experience of building and launching half a dozen companies in past one decade.

This blog post summarises the key learnings, lessons, link to the webinar videos and workbook download link for you to learn what we shared during the webinar so that you can use these to make a wise choice by organizing your business in a way that helps you learn, launch, build and grow your business to achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

Webinar 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

On the very first episode of the webinar, I discussed what it takes to become the entrepreneur. The right and wrong reason to become an entrepreneur. Why you? Why now?

1. Every successful entrepreneur started their business for a solid reason – some wanted to create a larger impact in the society through their work, some felt that entrepreneurship will help them better leverage their geniuses, some wanted to have a better lifestyle, etc. What is yours?
2. Entrepreneurs are born and they are made too. Just to cite an example the alumni of Harvard University control over USD 3 trillion of global wealth.
3. Entrepreneurs either use their skill out to build the business or they discover the idea and build resources to start their business.
4. Every startup business goes on a sequential journey starting from Idea, prototype, validation, MVP, product, launch, and growth. It is important to know the journey well.
5. Entrepreneurs work on the single focus on creating values leveraging capital, capacity, customer, and expertise in a more innovative and new way in the marketplace.
6. Every successful business has three key ingredients: something interesting to sell, someone interested to buy and someone interested to pay for it.
7. During the webinar, I shared 5 templates which can be used to validate any idea to gauge its worthiness to pursue further.
You can watch the webinar video here.

Idea Validation Workbook

Ideas are like seek, you need a great idea for your business. The workbook below will help you quickly validate an idea and it’s worthiness to pursue further.

Webinar 2: How To Make Your Ideas Bulletproof

The core ingredient for any startup is laying the strong foundation of an idea and most importantly how your idea uniquely solves a real problem for a customer.

  • The most important thing to begin with any idea is to make that one idea your life. Pay complete devotion to that
  • Startups succeed only because of their revolutionary ideas.
  • As entrepreneurs always think yourself as a  half-empty glass who is open to learn new things and implement those things.
  • Research and validating ideas with the people who matter to the business success.
  • Initially, start with Why? How? And What? as your strategic innovation business model.
  • Research and validating ideas with the people who matter to the business success.
  • How Value Proposition Design works and methodology to use it and implementation.
  • Find the Template to define your idea/startup and how it works.

Idea Development Workbook

Webinar 3: Building Product That Customers Actually Want

  • Product development requires one to understand 5 unique factors i.e strategy, production, marketing, metrices, and operations.
  • The iterative cycle of strategy for developing product goes like Discovery-> Design->Develop-> Testing
  • Be prepare always for 10x Growth Strategy followed by blue ocean strategy while creating specifications for the product.
  • Use value curve analysis to find out the key offerings of the product. It will help to land up with some WOW products.
  • Customer Segmentation is the most important step, in the webinar, I have shared the template for getting the better understanding of customers their wants, desires, and needs. It will help you out in creating an exhaustive list.
  • Idea Sketch to help you draw your big picture, that will define your ideas.
  • Prototype gives you a clear idea of what do you want to build and launch.

Product Development Workbook

Webinar 4: Business Planning for Mission-Driven Organisations

Business plans are documents used for planning out specific details about your business. The main idea that a business plan conveys is the strategy for success to characterize what the business is or what it expects to be after some time.

  • The purpose of a business plan – it acts as a management tool that can be referred to ensure that the business is on course with meeting goals, sales targets or operational milestones.
  • Drafting a business model canvas to help you in defining your business model precisely. It is a must while launching a new business.
  • Define your business, your goals and the steps you will take in order to achieve your goals.
  • Attract investors to fund and partners to associate with your business to help you achieve your business goals
  • Hire the right team, pursue mission-driven culture and develop a shared understanding of your vision with your team.

Business Planning Workbook

Webinar 5: Create Amazing Pitch Deck, Get In Front of Investors and Get Funded

Know the right way to prepare your pitch deck so that it’s read, shortlisted and you’re called for the meeting. In this webinar know how to attract and convince the potential investors.

  • A crazy fact about startups – less than 1% idea or business get funded.
  • You are the first investor in your company.
  • Discover source for startup funding – you, co-founder, friends and family, angel investors, Venture capitalists, early employees, investment bankers and many more.
  • Case studies where ideas got successfully implemented and got funded.How to build a strong relationship with the investors before creating a pitch deck.The most accurate way to prepare your pitch deck. It should be well structured, simple concise and visually very attractive.
  • An investor looks at presentation only for 2 minutes. Give that hook within that 2 minutes and steal the show.
  • Guideline to be followed while creating pitch deck.

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